Septi-Savers x6


New and Improved!

Bio-Enzymatic Toilet Bluer & Septic Tank Treatment
With every flush, the toilet bowl is cleaned and deodorized, while highly effective bio-enzymatic activity keeps septic tanks conditioned and pipes flowing freely.

Directions: Simply remove from the bag and place in the toilet tank.
Manufactured in the USA.

Quantity: 6


The Septi-Saver is a unique product that dispenses beneficial bacteria into your household waste system with every flush of the toilet. Septi-Saver helps to remove buildup form your drains and pipes while also maintaining a high level of necessary bacteria in the septic tank.

Septi-Saver is simple to install: merely place it on the bottom of the toilet tank. A blue dye lets you know that Septi-Saver is still working. Septi-Saver works for approximately 300 flushes or 120 days.

* Provides continuous enzymatic action
* Easy to install and use
* Tints water blue
* Extends septic system life
* Excellent toilet bowl cleaner
* Safe for drains and pipes
* Safe to store and use in the home

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