SeptiBugz – 8 Tablets


SEPTIBUGZ Give your system the needed boost after having your septic system pumped. Simply flush 4 tablets down the toilet (farthest toilet from the septic tank) after pumping. SEPTIBUGZ will recharge your septic system with beneficial bacteria after a pump out to ensure the system starts out on the right foot by having the right balance of bacteria.

After moderate to heavy use of bleach, antimicrobial cleaners, and other disinfectants, flush 2 tablets down the toilet. SEPTIBUGZ will repopulate the septic system with beneficial bacteria, replacing the bacteria killed by the antibacterial cleaners used during routine home cleaning.

SEPTIBUGZ is formulated using naturally occurring bacteria found in nature. It is 100% safe to use and store in the home. It is eco-friendly and will not harm the environment.

Quantity: 8 Tablets

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Weight 2 lbs