The one-stop-shop for all of your septic needs – from preventative maintenance to serious problems.

We carry the highest quality, eco-friendly septic, and plumbing products.  All of our products are safe to store and use in the home, and they have ZERO environmental impact.  Best of all, they are available at the lowest prices in our online store.


Septic Tank and Cesspool Treatment

USDA-Approved liquid bacteria/enzyme product

Application Areas:

  • Residential and commercial septic tanks
  • Waste treatment facilities and ATUs
  • To remove buildup from drains and pipes
  • To remove organic stains
  • To remove pet stains and associated odors
  • To use as a laundry pre-soak for organic stains (blood, fecal matter, urine)


Bio-Enzymatic Toilet Bluer and Septic Tank Treatment

The Septi-Saver is a unique product that dispenses beneficial bacteria into your household waste system with every flush of the toilet. Septi-Saver helps to remove buildup from your drains and pipes, while also maintaining a high level of necessary bacteria in the septic tank.


  • Provides continuous enzymatic action
  • Easy to install and use
  • Tints water blue
  • Extends septic system life
  • Excellent toilet bowl cleaner
  • Safe for drains and pipes
  • Safe to store and use in the home


Concentrated Drain Cleaner

High-potency liquid bacteria/enzyme product with excellent grease fighting capability.

Application Areas:

  • Restaurant grease trap maintenance (pumpable liquid)
  • Residential and commercial drain/pipe buildup remover
  • Commercial sewer line maintenance
  • To use in conjunction with high-pressure water jetter
  • To use as deodorizing spray


Grease Trap and Sewer & Drain Line Treatment

USDA-approved granular bacteria/enzyme product with excellent grease fighting capability.

Application Areas:

  • Restaurant grease trap maintenance (manual treatment)
  • To restore drainage to sluggish drain fields and cesspools
  • For use in conjunction with soil facturing (fracturing?)
  • For use in conjunction with high-pressuring watercleaning machines
  • For use in conjunction with oxidizing
  • For use in aeration units

Bio Solu-Bacs

Septic tank maintenance made easy with water-soluble bio packets. Each packet is loaded with billions of powerful beneficial bacteria to help digest septic solids and control odors. It is completely safe to store and use. So safe that a child (supervised by an adult, of course) can drop the packet into the toilet once per month!


  • Provides high-count bacteria in water-soluble packets
  • Easy to use: just drop a packet in toilet and flush
  • Safe for drains and pipes
  • Safe to store in the home
  • Zero environmental impact


Soil Absorption Restorative

Extremely high-count oxidizer-enhanced bacteria product for restoring drainage to residential and commercial soil absorption areas.

AfterShock is a unique blend of laboratory-enhanced, naturally-occurring, primarily aerobic organisms that are type-specific to the various substances that typically clog drain fields and leaching structures. AfterShock also contains a proprietary, bacteria-friendly, time-release oxidizing agent that will accelerate the bacterial action of the organisms in the product to restore drainage in most soil absorption areas.

Eco-Friendly Products

Bacteria/enzyme septic additives are nature’s way of breaking down household organic matter.  They are used in baking, brewing, making yogurt, and many other areas of life.

Our additives provide the specific bacteria to breakdown all household waste and maintain proper operation of the entire plumbing and septic waste systems.  We have chosen the most cost-effective products to supply you with exactly what you need to manage YOUR septic needs.

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