DrainMaster® 4 Gallons


Concentrated Drain Cleaner

High-potency liquid bacteria/enzyme product with excellent grease fighting capability.

Application Areas:

  • Restaurant grease trap maintenance (pumpable liquid)
  • Residential and commercial drain/pipe buildup remover
  • Commercial sewer line maintenance
  • To use in conjunction with high-pressure water jetter
  • To use as deodorizing spray


Recommended Dose:

Restaurant Grease Traps:
Apply 5 gallons of DrainMaster to any drain that leads directly to the trap monthly. Daily application is recommended via a timed-metering pump.

Problem Drains:
Apply 4 oz. of DrainMaster twice weekly directly to problem area for 4 weeks, or until buildup and odor are gone.

Maintenance dosage:
Apply 4 oz. DrainMaster directly to the problem area monthly

All Other Drains:
Apply 2 oz. DrainMaster monthly to avoid buildup and odor. Flush with warm water.